Open Water Activator — Pilot

Course Information

This is a British Triathlon event.

The one day course is designed to help inform and educate individuals wishing to support safe open water swimming across the UK. It is valuable role for every open water swim venue, as the activator is a key person that helps oversee the safe running of the swim sessions, develop relationships and implement practicalities before, during and after any swim session. This course is in the pilot stage as we are now incorporating RLSS Water Safety Managament into the content of the day

The course will enable individuals to develop their understanding and knowledge associated with procedure and safety around the open water. The day will encourage people to share knowledge, experiences, best practice and creative ideas. There is a high emphasis on making this day as practical as possible.

Aims of the workshop:

  • To empower the Activator to be confident with their roles and responsibilities and feel able to support safe open water swim sessions and events.
  • To support individuals and help them understand what makes a safe open water swim venue. How to support the participants, the course with include practical training in spotting, wetsuit fitting, safety briefings and supporting novice athletes as well as learning more about the procedures and process around how the venues operate.
  • The Activator feels confident to input and support the development and maintenance of important documentation.
  • Develop strong relationships with all parties involved in the venues open water swim sessions.
  • Develop a network of activators to seek advice, support one another and share create resources.

Pre-Course Requisites:

  • Over 18.
  • Must be an associate or full member.

Please be aware that participants do not enter the water during the course.

*The usual cost of the Open Water Activator course is £65.00. The cost for this course is £0.00 due to it being a pilot.


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